Pillar In Culture

Feb 18, 2015

“Marriage is a God ordained pillar to every aspect of culture. The health of a nation, government, church and education will follow the health from God-fearing, grace-filled, love abiding marriages. Marriages influence every aspect of society. Intentionally growing your marriage will grow the nation advancing the Kingdom of God. It’s never too late with Jesus […]

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Throne of Grace

Feb 17, 2015

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” HEB 4:16 Notice it does not say run into the throne of judgment. It’s a throne of GRACE. Do you believe your loved by a loving heavenly Father? Run into His […]

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Stewarding The Mind

Jan 22, 2015

A son inherits his father’s 10,000 acre farm. The son now is free to grow whatever he desires. The human mind is like soil on a farm, it will return whatever is planted. The son had a burning desire to feed the hungry, so he stewarded the soil faithfully to produce healthy, nutritious vegetables. His […]

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Begin Expecting God’s Divine Appointments

Jan 14, 2015

You pray to be a Bold Witness for Jesus and suddenly you’re in a conversation and that person receives their healing. You’re praying for an investor and over coffee a Christian friend shares I have money I like to invest, do you have any suggestions? You’re praying for a relative and they just happen to […]

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A Life Fueled With Prayer and Praise

Jan 09, 2015

“A young man asked his father a question, “Father, help me grasp what it is like to be in the world but not immersing my heart in the mindsets of the world?” The father answered, “God has given you that desire to walk with Him and to know Him intimately.” “We can only have one […]

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